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43 Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
Dear Future Wife, I hope you are well. I realise that I am a long way from you right now, but given that you have your own phone and constant communication, we at least can include each other in our daily lives. I have to tell you how much I see that you would make a great role model to my child, I've told you before that I am a single father and love my daughter so very much - she is the reason I exist. I can wait to have a family of our own. You are so smart and intelligent, our conversations are always so random and engaging, there is never a boring moment. I especially like how you never ask me the same questions over and over again like what time will I sleep or if I've eaten yet - you know how I find that so very boring. I really like so much how you are a passionate person and goal driven. I like how if you want something you make plans to get to where you need to be. I especially like this because I know one day you will be living with me here in Australia with my daughter and we can start our new lives together. I love how when I visit you in Japan you take care of me and you treat me like I'm the only one that exists. I actually feel and do the same with you, that's why I won't just visit your country unless I have love and feel that I am loved. I know that you accept that I am a little older than you, but as I have explained before, I need someone that is not my same age because I find those girls usually have many children and I don't relate to them (far too serious and mature). As you know I'm like the cool dad, I'm serious at work and very professional, but in my home life I am very caring loving affectionate and more to the point very fun. As you know I'm very young at heart and don't look or act my age too often. Laughing and being happy is so important for us both. I really love also how independent you are and also not totally conservative to the point you understand westerners are a little more open to s_x. Again as you know I only share myself with the person I truly love and whom is deserving of my love. I know that life is sometimes hard and difficult, we live in two different worlds, but I know together we can accomplish any challenges if our love and friendship is strong. I know how smart and dedicated and driven and that your family don't control you and that you don't have to support all of your family financially, because once we have our own family, our money will be for our family, and I know you share the same values as I do. I'm so excited to finally meet you and have you in my life. Love is the final part of my journey and once I find you I will be at peace and have everything I ever need. From Your future husband.
36 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Seeking: Female 19 - 32
So a little about myself.. I'm half Greek and half Turkish, born and raised in Australia now traveling around working in the Security industry. I'm very much a citizen of the world, I'm enigmatic, mysterious, romantic, passionate, refined, intelligent, witty, elegant and chivalrous and I love to have wholesome fun but also have a very devious wild side which not many see. Many think I'm arrogant but that's not really true, I'm just comfortable with who I am and confident that I can achieve anything that I want in life. Experience has shown me that I can do anything I want. I'm dominant but not overbearing yet still very relaxed and easy going, however when crap hits the fan people look to me to take charge and deal with the situation at hand. Maybe they also call me arrogant because I say that I can lead a horse to water, and I can make it drink. But I did, true story. Some have said that I'm an adventurer and a thrill seeker. If this were true, it would mean that I was the one chasing adventure and that is not the case. Instead, I simply live life to its fullest and adventure comes along for the ride because as they say, it's never to early to start beefing up your obituary. I hope to leave this earth a better place than I found it, I am inspired to make a difference through my heroes, I learned about justice and standing up for what is right no matter what you face from the example and martyrdom of Malcolm X and I learned about the fundamentals of liberty and what it means to be free from Thomas Jefferson. Like them, I want to leave this planet having inspired a generation of youth to want to make a difference as I have been inspired. I think the idea of having wingmen is ridiculous, we're not a pack of hyenas. If you need a guy to hold your hand to speak to a woman perhaps you're more comfortable with men than women.. There are very few real men these days, society has turned them into a bunch of weak mamma's boys who are arrogant, loud mouthed and who have no aspirations to be better, to make a difference and have something to show for their lives. I have great dreams and aspirations and I'll share a few, I hope to run a program for young males to teach them how to be men, it's called the Young Lions Program. I want to create an independent grocers association so that I can help get corner stores and businesses back in the hands of the communities that they operate in, so that money can be reinvested in that community rather than the profits be taken and spent somewhere else. I want to open some schools, leadership academies that help give the right type of education and knowledge about life to students who otherwise wouldn't otherwise get this experience. Lastly, I would like to find the right girl for me, it may sound a little cliche but that is what I hope for, to have the right girl and my own family, perhaps some land and a nice house would be great too.



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