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38 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Seeking: Female 24 - 28
Smoke: Do smoke
Hello to you..Yes..you..the one reading my profile..Im gonna give you a short version of my life story hoping it catches your interest..I am 27 year old student..I like wrestling..WWE and TNA..Way better than rugby or footy..afl or whatever you wanna call it..for another 2 months or less that is as Im about to take on the most stressing part of studies..Exams..Also looking for full time work in IT...And that's just for me to see what its like..Somewhere down the track I wanna do some business studies as I want to have my own business.I don't have any brothers or sisters..My only family here in australia is my mom who lives in sydney while the rest of my family is spread everywhere else like us,canada,dubai,croatia..and serbia..where I am from..I live with roommates but I have started to save up so I can move out on my own..I do drive and I do have my own car..I like simple things as well as things that are hard to understand..I find it that life is all about learning..And I like to learn from people too..My future goals is to be succesfull in what I do,travel the world,of course get married and raise a family..That's also what I classify as my long term goal..My goal for now is to finish my studies..Get myself inside the industry that I have passion for and of course establish a long term relationship with someone..and even if I don't succeed of establishing a relationship I am also open to new friendships..You can never have too many friends..Now this is where you.."the reader" will get confused..I don't do sexy fun and/or one nighters..And you're wondering "how can that be?arent all guys into that"...Well.I am not all guys..yes I am a guy..but I a me...And I don't need to sleep with someone to get to know them..I'd rather talk with them..ask them questions..see what makes them tick..Really showing someone "hey im interested in hearing what you have to say about yourself".. and now..I'm almost at the end of writing this... so the question is... would you like to chat?
54 Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Seeking: Female 28 - 99
Smoke: Do smoke
Hello, thanks for stopping by. After three marriages, I think its time I hung up my boots – quit relationships. The first time I was too young & inexperienced at life. The second time I was just stupid. The third time, I thought I had gotten it right – but the lady I married turned out to be dishonest with herself & me, she was completely selfish & inconsiderate. The thing is, honesty, communication & consideration are very important to me. The sad thing about this is that I was completely honest with her about who I am and what’s important to me. Therefore, I’ve decided that marriage is not for me. In fact, I have no intention to date at all. In addition, I don’t believe in casual sex. Perhaps I’m weird, but I just can’t have sex with someone I don’t know or care about. That is, unless I’m drunk or on drugs - but I don’t drink and I don’t do drugs. Therefore, it looks like I may remain single for life – which I’m cool with. However, I do love a good chat and making new friends - I love to laugh and help make others laugh. I was born in London and my family emigrated to Australia in 1973, which great – I love Australia. I’m a Residential Architect with my own business. It’s a small firm and I love what I do – I’m passionate about it. Not so passionate about Architecture, but passionate about deigning homes my clients absolutely love – this is the greatest reward. WARNING! I’M HONEST – VERY HONEST. Honesty is good, right – we all want honesty. Or do we? If I’m asked “Does my butt look big in this dress?” and he lady has a large butt, I’m going to be honest with her. I’ll say something like “No, your butt makes your butt look big”. However, my response would be my honesty, my opinion. Ask the same question of another man and he might say “Nooooo, the dress actually makes your butt look smaller”. Some people may say I’m tactless and that’s okay. However, what’s more helpful in such situations? To be tactful would be to say “No, your butt looks tiny in that dress. In fact, it looks like you have no butt at all”. So, you head off to the restaurant and all is going well. As you’re walking past a mirror, you see your butt. Yes, you do have a large butt. However, the lines on your dress are following the curve of your butt and this make it look even bigger. You’re very upset and want to go home immediately. So, what’s better – tact or honesty? I’m boring. I love people to bits – people are awesome. I love the IDEA of travelling, adventures, hiking, sailing & jumping out of a plane – but I’ll probably never get around to these things. Maybe one day, who knows. I do hope this introduction helps you know me a little. I look forward to meeting you!



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