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46 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Female 22 - 38
Star sign: Pisces
Kind hearted American in Tokyo. I'm an attractive, kind, successful US CEO / fashion designer / model / filmmaker now in Tokyo looking to meet a like minded Japanese gal to spend some enjoyable time with. I am open to different kinds of interaction from friendship to dating. I don't have sex with anyone until we know each other well and both get tested, and I play strictly safe, always. I don't watch TV, but I do like movies. I work hard to be successful. I am intelligent, open minded, liberal, and progressive. I should add that I am currently beginning to explore a progressive and alternative lifestyle called polyfidelity where I share my life with 1 or more partners with all of us being committed, loving, and faithful. If this doesn't make sense to you, you can learn more about it online: http://www.lovemore.com/faq.php. The concept that society's narrow minded vision of relationships, sexuality, and the marital unit is not satisfying enough for everyone. We are all complex, multidimensional beings with a wide spectrum of needs. We are capable of connecting deeply and sharing meaningful intimacy with more than one person. It's time to evolve! Polyamory / polyfidelity is new to me, and a welcome challenge to continue growing and experience exciting new worlds. It requires maturity, open mindedness, flexibility, communication, freedom, and fearlessness. But the reward is more life, love, lovers, intimacy, magic, flavor, soul, growth, and experience. This means I currently have one beautiful, sexy, sweet, committed bisexual female partner of 5 years and we are now opening our relationship to meet other likeminded progressive women. So, I am free to date as a single guy. But in the long term, we are also eventually seeking women to potentially become partners with us. For some people, I know that sounds crazy. For others like us, it makes sense. Let me know if you're interested in chatting! xoxo, Josh
47 Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Female 20 - 40
Star sign: Pisces
self-introduction: Introduction How do you do? Lives and works in Tokyo Tachikawa to a doctor. In the past, karate, karaoke, music, and to have an interest in jazz and listening to JPOP was singing. I have a little before the conversation going, for the first time in a long time, an opportunity to travel abroad have started again. listen to the CNN, movie, and I didn't see so much to see. Recently, I read a novel. Haruki Murakami, Yukio Mishima, is looking for reading. Also, in the past, everyday life in the country, have been busy stitching up a time and to the gym, karate, and go to karaoke was to. The Tokyo and was completely different to the road traffic was not good, go for a drive. The sea or mountains in the daytime, and at night, beautiful views of the little if taking a walk in the mountains can be seen at night was able to go. The Jazz and beautiful, listening to music's also nice to drive. from the past and it is quite delicious and eye, not the sea in the meat and vegetables from local and famous Matsusaka the delicious meat and go to eat well. Tokyo nothing but good to go to eat. Takeshi nature is similar to the interesting. So, please feel free to e-mail. Thank you. Tachikawa, Tokyo.Before I practiced Karate, liked singing with Karaoke and liked to listening to music, such as jazz, JPOP, and so on.Now I still like.Last I year went abroad and restarted English conversation.Recenly I read novels such as Haruki Murakami, Yukio Mishima, Miri Yu, and Masaaki Tachihara.It's interesting. In daily life, because I used to live in countryside, I Karate practiced, do gym ecsercise, sing with Karaoke.Unlike Tokyo, the road was not congested, I drived always a car.In the daytime, the landscape of sea and the mountain is very beautiful, and at night, the night the viewfrom hill was very attractive and Listening driving jazz music is very good! Am I "Gourumet" any place to go and eat food delicilus.My Mie hometown is near the sea have abundant and delicious seafood, such as robster, oyster, and abalone.And Matsusaka Matsusaka is famous for beef and In Tokyo I want to eat delicious food and My character is funny like Beat - Takeshi and easy-going at good. Sister 树 Sugimoto. 东 live positive in Kyoto Tachikawa. bio-medical toying with positive. 为 at world peace meditation companion. Multi-关 请 shine down.
35 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
Star sign: Pisces
**please don't be offended if I don't respond, there are a ton of messages in my inbox and I am not on here too often..** こんにちは! My name obviously is not JazzMusician86, you can call me Chris. CLASSIC ENTP Ennegram 7 with a close 5, (followed by 2 and 3) Moving back to Washington D.C within the year after my Air Force time is over with. Will be working on my J.D most likely specializing in International Affairs. How does a musician who writes and volunteers his time for causes such as futurism, sustainability and technology end up in Japan?... In the F***ing military no less? It's along story. In the United States it is difficult to get a good college education, many people spend a lot of money that they borrow from the bank to do it. Growing up I have always had a desire to see the world and get the best education I can, but not go into massive debt doing it. So I joined the American Military. So far it has been a very enlightening and challenging experience. Right now my degree is in Space Studies, but if I get out I'm switching to Systems Engineering. I'm fickle so if the math gets too tedious it will be back to international relations and then law. Lots of factors at play here. I was born in Los Angeles but grew up near Washington D.C, I love traveling, writing and playing music. Working on getting an eventual PhD if I am lucky. Working on degree 2 as of now. Have this thing set to global because if I can find a way to talk to people who are like 95% like me then it could be fun. While a relationship would be amazing, right now I just miss having like minded people around. Plus if my "cosmic awesome twin" is out there then she probably decided to pull a synchronicity thing on me, with the internet the world is a lot smaller, so yeah, hey! I'm here now. :P I also browse reddit.com and io9.com. Love hiking, camping, astronomy and adventures. Traveling the world is my passion, one day I hope to end up stranded in a South American hostel with no money or transportation, if this appeals to you contact me. To further elaborate, no matter how technological my interests are, I would turn it all in to live on a nice patch of land out in the mountains near a lake and stream somewhere, where life is natural and happy. I love hiking and camping like I said. What I’m doing with my life



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