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44 Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan
Seeking: Female 18 - 29
* I'm tender, actually, wormy sugary and sweet man, further, I love to spend time a lot immensely with my honey. * come on my home, I throw you up in the sky, I cuddle you anytime, whether you grab the happiest life with me, the ball is in your court... * under the circumstances, I hope to glow up 3 babies more with you, the property $ 0.5 billion honey. & wealth are more plus property, which is queen's class 100m2, 4LDK on foot 2 through 3minutes kobuchi station on foot from yokohama train. The station is underground, therefore, my home is very quiet & sweet, then being top of building. * I' m a hybrid mature man either a british of always praised me saying and then I'd been glowing up in england from baby till twenty's in there, likewise, prior to had been working at PADI company in the bristol, which is the license company of scuba-diving. I' m a professional scuba-diver. ★★ listen, i've started the owner-managed online business, which is the IELTS english company, via web camera for people as is desiring the IELTS score to enter into university s higher law-school,business school, other side, person who yearning for emigration, immigration from own country to USA, UK, Canada, AU, other commonwealth. * now I' ve been succeeding to set up IELTS english company via web camera, fudge such as $ 5 million to attend upcoming a lot more/year * my global nickname is either kerryamour of rikknon, kerryamour means Kerry loves you inc and then rikknon means rikk is UK's king in the history, and then non means you are not in here...ghost as well. it's kidding! * Early marriage is desired! Individual business owners president: * * * Description of business (IELTS english classrooms (formal name Confidential: obtaining a patent for consideration during the course) (Subscription) during the first year (assuming the web world news: 5 to 6 billion Annual turnover: $ 5 million=\… 2 year from $30 billion or more) former college 0.03billion more $9.99 (london): Presentation Skills Coaching Instructor : Marketable securities: the number of assets and know-how in creating &: £10 single-digit bank Sumitomo Fudosan's corner room on the top floor condominium equivalent kobuchi ,
34 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Female 18 - 51
I'm not really in Japan. I'm in California. Sorry for the deception. I want to meet people in Japan. I admire many things about Japanese culture and also Japanese women. I’m slowly learning Japanese. I couldn’t write this profile without software help. About myself: I run a small online business where I make and sell cosplay props. I used to cosplay. I'd like to again someday. My goals in life are to experience new things and to gather knowledge and wisdom. I also want to create beautiful and interesting things that people can enjoy. When financially possible, I want to get a Doctorate in psychiatry and use TMS therapy to treat kids with learning disabilities. I have a hungry brain. I read all the time. I mostly study psychology and history. I also paint and animate sometimes. Susumu Hirasawa is my favorite musician and a big inspiration to me. When I was little, I had a dangerously high fever. It damaged part of my brain. As a result, I had certain physical and mental impairments for years until just recently. In the last 2 years, I underwent a treatment called TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation). It repaired my brain enough that I'm fully functional again. I'm glad to be mostly whole now, but I am now some years behind other people my age. I still live with my parents, but hopefully that will change soon. I started a small online business some years ago and it's almost sustainable. I'm able to work more now thanks to my treatment. Sorry for the dramatic story. I just want to be honest about this. I know some of you doubt want to date men who are financially thriving. So if that's what you need, I'm not the right man for you. Not yet. Another weird fact about me is that I was raised in a cult; the Mormon church. I left when I started studying psychology and realized it was a cult. This is I like to teach people a little about psychology whenever possible. It helps free peoples' minds from the prisons they don't know they're in.
28 Kōnosu, Saitama, Japan
Seeking: Female 18 - 34
57 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Female 40 - 70
I'm very affectionate and not afraid to show my feelings. love meeting people and going for walks on the beach, especially when the sun is setting or rising. I have a great sense of humor, I love to laugh and have fun. I enjoy going to the movies, dancing and going to pubs sometimes. I am considered by my friends as easy to get along with. I love life and like to maximize my experiences of having fun as often as I can. Live life to the fullest is my motto. I am single (no children) independent, responsible and fun loving. I am the one who can be a good friend and supporter. My friends consider me a good adviser and self-confident. I am very active and I always solve the problems, which I face in my life. But first of all I am honest person. I prefer sad truth than flattered lie. とても愛情深く、自分の気持ちを示すことを恐れません。 特に太陽が沈むときや昇るときは、人に会ったり、ビーチを散歩したりするのが大好きです。 私はユーモアのセンスがとてもよく、笑って楽しむのが大好きです。 私は時々映画に行ったり、踊ったり、パブに行ったりするのが好きです。 私は友達から仲良くしやすいと思っています。 私は人生が大好きで、できるだけ頻繁に楽しむ経験を最大限に生かしたいと思っています。 人生を最大限に生きることが私のモットーです。 私は独身(子供なし)で、責任感があり、楽しい愛情を持っています。 私は良い友達であり、サポーターになることができる人です。 私の友達は私を良いアドバイザーで自信があると思っています。 私は非常に活発で、人生で直面する問題を常に解決しています。 しかし、まず第一に私は正直な人です。 私はお世辞の嘘よりも悲しい真実を好む。