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43 Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan
Seeking: Female 18 - 29
Hair type:
* I'm tender, actually, wormy sugary and sweet man, further, I love to spend time a lot immensely with my honey. * come on my home, I throw you up in the sky, I cuddle you anytime, whether you grab the happiest life with me, the ball is in your court... * under the circumstances, I hope to glow up 3 babies more with you, the property $ 0.5 billion honey. & wealth are more plus property, which is queen's class 100m2, 4LDK on foot 2 through 3minutes kobuchi station on foot from yokohama train. The station is underground, therefore, my home is very quiet & sweet, then being top of building. * I' m a hybrid mature man either a british of always praised me saying and then I'd been glowing up in england from baby till twenty's in there, likewise, prior to had been working at PADI company in the bristol, which is the license company of scuba-diving. I' m a professional scuba-diver. ★★ listen, i've started the owner-managed online business, which is the IELTS english company, via web camera for people as is desiring the IELTS score to enter into university s higher law-school,business school, other side, person who yearning for emigration, immigration from own country to USA, UK, Canada, AU, other commonwealth. * now I' ve been succeeding to set up IELTS english company via web camera, fudge such as $ 5 million to attend upcoming a lot more/year * my global nickname is either kerryamour of rikknon, kerryamour means Kerry loves you inc and then rikknon means rikk is UK's king in the history, and then non means you are not in here...ghost as well. it's kidding! * Early marriage is desired! Individual business owners president: * * * Description of business (IELTS english classrooms (formal name Confidential: obtaining a patent for consideration during the course) (Subscription) during the first year (assuming the web world news: 5 to 6 billion Annual turnover: $ 5 million=\… 2 year from $30 billion or more) former college 0.03billion more $9.99 (london): Presentation Skills Coaching Instructor : Marketable securities: the number of assets and know-how in creating &: £10 single-digit bank Sumitomo Fudosan's corner room on the top floor condominium equivalent kobuchi ,
33 Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan
Seeking: Female 18 - 32
Hair type:
My name's Wes. I'm 25. I'm originally from the LA area (San Fernando Valley/ Santa Clarita) but have been living in San Luis Obispo for the past 7 years. I have been through and experienced a lot in my lifetime and from it have gained wisdom and knowledge much beyond my years. I am beyond the partying/bar hopping phase of my life, if that is what you are into please look elsewhere. When it comes to my personality I'm told I am quite funny, I joke around often and can be very sarcastic at times but all for the sake of laughter. Don't get me wrong though, I can be very serious as well, when necessary. I am honest, open and straight forward. I don't play games, I tell it like it is. I am very outgoing and get a long well with just about everyone I meet. I try to find enjoyment in everything I do. I live my life to the fullest. I enjoy the finer things in life; good wine and beer (no 2 buck chuck or bud light for this guy), I eat good, healthy food (no fast food, no soda, and call me crazy but I don't like sweets). I stray from the mainstream. I am not concerned with what is "hip" and "popular", I am who I am not what others want me to be. I don't listen to the radio, not only because of all the commercials but also all the garbage that gets played on it. I don't watch much television but I do have a select few shows that I follow and I'm a big Netflix and movie fan. I work full time but when I'm not at work I try and spend every second of daylight being outdoors. I am very adventurous and I love hiking and exploring the areas around where I live and at the same time taking in all the beauty that it has to offer. In addition to my love for the outdoors I am also passionate about a few other hobbies. I taught myself to play the guitar a few years ago and I have not been able to put it down since. I dabble in song/lyric writing as well as other creative writing. I began drawing/painting at a very young age but have recently found it difficult to make time for it which is something I'd really like to change. Aside for my love for the arts, I have an immense passion for sports (mostly extreme). I played baseball for 14 years of my life so I'm a big fan of the sport (GO DODGERS!!!) I also played soccer for 3 and hockey for a couple years as well. (GO KINGS GO!!!) If possible, I would have had a hand in every sport. At age 5 I learned to ski but 2 years later discovered snowboarding and have been obsessed ever since. I have been skateboarding and skimboarding since I was a wee lad as well and have recently picked up surfing. I basically enjoy any sport involving a board. Being such an active individual I also love physical fitness; be it running, hiking, biking, lifting weights, etc. Which is why I chose to major in Fitness, Health and Nutrition; in hopes of becoming a successful personal trainer. I believe it is important to practice healthy eating habits as well as exercise regularly. Personally I find that with the proper diet and exercise regiment one does not only look better but more importantly feels better. That being said I would like to help others improve their lives through these practices and make that my career. So I hope that brief description, along with my pictures can offer a bit of insight into who I am, but if you really would like to get to know me, you're going to have to send me a message.



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