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34 Tokai, Aichi, Japan
Seeking: Female 19 - 36
English ability: None
Thank you profile view. guitar teachers to take the license is hard! ! My hobby is cooking and digital SLR photography (landscapes. ) recently hooked on a luxury cruise ship Asuka are two day ocean cruise in a dream of traveling. where you live, Obu lived in the city. favorite musicians, Hideaki Tokunaga SMAP is widely used and TUBE AKB and 48 Michael Jackson and others. In particular, recently more AKB 48 addicts Ponta geek Reader is not a safe. The "music," age, generation, and borders over lovable but is wonderful. Actively participate in or to live with. If instruments to play good and poor if not together regardless wants to play! I like to cook together in the Ponta dream of making Reader. My knife is no water to his own character is a calm sensitivity rich in TV dramas and movies, I see that I have to sob with. We also like the laugh laugh in interesting in and around with me. The charm point "A smile! ! ". A job can be surprised and things like that. favorite (Type) as the one I want to behave like a spoiled child in the younger age than from the top in the other hand do you like! ? It is the wrong! It doesn't feel free to e-mail in the. Loves music, a concert together and you have to go. appearance from the contents of the emphasis is on confidence in himself while you please also feel free to e-mail. chubbily system without any of the de-shi! de-shi! E-mail are welcome. if having 100 percent e-mail will be sent to you. * mixi and interface are doing some book in the mail if you.
48 Ōsaka, Osaka, Japan
Seeking: Female 28 - 43
English ability: None
As I age, I became less likely to meet each other, and I registered for a person who can meet with me in a future-looking manner. The personality is gentle and bright, and I like to hear from people around me as a mood maker. It is often said that it is human (!!) praise the good thing that says the core is firm, the wrong thing is said to be the hot man who says the word "hackli" (!) the horrible man who dislikes lies and wants to be a man who is compassionate about not being deceived by others (always think of a lie!) Great place to stay! Great place to stay! It is easy to understand, with no support for the things that make it easy to understand, and that there is no backlings for the old and the child (laughs). The kids love it - - the lonely people who are in the shops and who want to chat and email everyday are the best man (sorry). My hobbies are camera photos, temple and castle tours, baseball and European football, and after that I played judo and rugby as a student, so I also like watching martial arts as well as rugby and judo. I don't really drink alcohol physically, but I like it and it's also drunk even with oolong tea (laughs) . I'm interested in eating it for the age of the year, and I found it on the food log, and I found it good, I said it was good to my colleagues at the company, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes Korean food Of course, we are invited to a place other than Korean restaurants -- ( great) I like places where there are mountains or rivers more naturally than in the city's cousin -- I thought I had no exercise recently, and I thought that anybody would have paid enough money to do it, and I started walking, and I thought that I could get a sense of being able to get a sense of being a man who was able to get a sense of motivation. Walking is the most hobby of the time! After V, I love the greenery and grow the green plants, and I like to grow Monstella and Potos. I love to take pictures at various places, and I have a mirror-less eye, but when I get out there I always take a lot of pictures and walk around. Unlike the train, you can shoot different planes from different countries, so you don't get bored and like them - - even better if you share your hobbies and enjoy them together! Don't worry! I can manage it! It is my right sign to say that (*) you change the negative thing to plus and always think forward. This is the man who thinks that if you think about it yourself, the path is open and you see happiness (*) , even if you're poor, you can think of anything that you can build a family with all the power to always laugh at all times (*). It is always a positive thought (that is,) I think it would be necessary to have a relationship that allows me to both respect each other and overcome the difficulties even if there are many things in my life (that is, it is difficult to write things together, but I hope that I can imagine what kind of man I am doing ( that is), so I would be glad if I could have any misses
62 Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
Seeking: Female 34 - 55
English ability: None
There are plenty of self-introduction of My Profile Thank you for watching. The interaction on the Net, like me and trust that I wouldn't say. Photos and gender are different and terrible! ! laugh of the encounter, but with the hope that they will be a chance for people to register. The music in my head, 70 and 80 in the era of the music scene, but the Pause. At home, the TV is more FM COCOLO you are listening to is more than. stand on its own.Â" "life is born in Shima, Mie Prefecture. When a child says, dolls, Thunderbird and draw stick figures with you, keen on international search and rescue team to find a job in Thunderbird 2 issue of driving, but the dream was. Then, Dr. why I continue childhood is too much since he was in junior high school, and the lower back in the band, the band attracted by the drums and vocal activities, while the high school brass band, percussion representative! ! After graduating from high school in music to be kept in a low position in Tokyo to Tokyo! ! Get the bind activities were torn, and dreams of the people the way to food. French cuisine. Cuisinier and putty to the shader. At the end of a resort hotel, Chef chef who currently is in the area of another to make a living. Currently, two children are independent, the two grandchildren of the Grand Place. After the divorce, but recent years have passed since the life partner must also walk the road together and now I think. These sites, and I also include a carefully and I expect it to. It is not negotiating: e-mail to interact with more than that, but also the victim of what extension is not possible. If you have to reject the email from that and, And, and, And. First of all, the Email profile the man in the street or feel free to explore.



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