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43 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Female 20 - 36
Eye color: Green
Hello, glad to meet you! 日本語で短い自己紹介を書いてみますね・・・ 私はイタリア人で、ミラノ大学政治学部で米国史を専攻し、日系アメリカ人の歴史について私の卒業論文を出版できました。これまでイタリアではこの種の最初の本です。総ページ数は653、厚い本ですね! 英語に堪能だから、今は英語からイタリア語までの翻訳者です。独学者として日本語を学ぶので、言語交換が大好き!去年、練習のために、個人ブログを開くことにしました。 よろこんで英語とイタリア語を教えたい!近将来的には、ぜひ日本でイタリア語の学校に勤めたいです。 それに、日本の文化と歴史への深い関心があります。1月に初来日のあとで、本当に日本は素晴らしい国だと思います。 上海から大阪まで、船でそれは2日かかりました。大冒険でした! 六月から日本での私の新しい人生を探して、東京にいますよ。ここに日常生活はペースの早くて、人々は常に忙しいですので、それはソウルメイトを見つけることは容易じゃない。 私の性格は、強い責任感、忍耐力、利他的な精神。ボランティア活動を愛しています。2015年ミラノ万博のボランティアになったし、素敵な経験でした。 an affectionate greeting, Hello and soon!
39 Kawaguchi, Saitama, Japan
Seeking: Female 18 - 60
Eye color: Green
About me: Tall. Handsome. Strong. Athletic. Extremely intelligent. Straight forward. Gentleman. Self successful. Blond hair, green eyes. But........ I don't want/need to be married. I would be with you because I WANT to be with you... not for a spouse visa or an allowance.... YES, I'm just the kind of guy women love to hate! I have taken lots of verbal abuse from women on this site because Im honest and straight forward, and not the "total" package. I get insulting emails, and ghosted suddenly or told to "line me". Over my time here I have come to find out that most of the women on her are here with fake accounts trying to honeypot, or fish their cheating boyfriends/husbands, or are here to be abusive towards men because of what another man has done to them. Unfortunately I have become stuck in the cross fire. Recently I met a women on her who was such a victim. She gave me a great idea: "Give them what they want".... but charge them.... and they can pay you with their husband's money! So now I am happy to announce I am here to fulfill your dreams! Providing you With the BEST meet possible. Im not on her looking to meet a girlfriend or lover. I just want to make YOU happy. I don't want sex, I don't want anything. I just want to treat you the way you should be treated. I promise to provide you with whatever you want from a meeting. The things I can do for you are: 1. English conversation (only in person) set it up through mail here. 2. Listening to your complaints about another man and offering advice. 3. Offering a shoulder to cry on 4. Counseling 5. Stress relief shoulder massage while singing 1980s light pop music. Unless its in a coffee shop. In that case I will just hum along quietly with Nora Jones or whoever is playing the music.... until you tell me to stop. I like hair bands, but please don't request their songs out of consideration to the neighbourhoods... maybe BonJovi is ok. No No. better not. For those who need a little extra: 6. I will let you yell at me as much as you like and say as many bad things as you like. 7. If you wish to yell at me in public its extra 8. If you are really pissed off and require extra, It can be negotiated. Because of special requests I am setting the golden standard for services to women! It is called: "THE DISNEY SPECIAL MAGICAL MY PRINCE GETAWAY" With the "Disney Special Magical "My Prince" Getaway" I will dress up as the disney prince of your choice. (you provide the costume I'm 190cm 95kg) I will follow you around, bedazzling you with physical feats and always referring to you as "My lady" and kissing your hand, and opening for you ever door that you walk through. I will even provide you with all of my fast passes if you wish to take them from me, and wait for you at the exit of the ride. I will also stand in line for you at another attraction while you enjoy an attraction without me. On your birthday I will call you "My "birthday" lady" to make sure that all of the disney workers do not forget to tell you "happy birthday" and if they forget I will threaten them for you. If somebody says something mean to you, I beat them up if you ask me to. (In this case, the date may end prematurely... but is still full charge). I can take photos of you and your friends and you can treat me as the prince you have always dreamed of but never found on this site. Alas, at the end of the day, I turn back into a mouse and scurry off on the Keiyo line. HOWEVER with your purchase of the Disney "My Special Prince Magical Wand" you can convert me into a human again and I will accompany you to your doorstep to make sure that you are home safe and sound and no dastardly bands may threaten your fairness! If you wish to share your "Disney Special Magical "My Prince" Getaway" with friends discounts apply.



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