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38 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: 25 - 35
54 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Male 51 - 67
English follows Japanese 非日系米国人で、日本語会話と読み書きができ、日本居住歴が長いです。人生のパートナーを求めます。結婚に拘りません。穏やかで、温かく、前向きで健康な男性がいいです。人種、国籍や年齢より、相性のほうが大切です。愛し合えば、贅沢な生活でなくても豊です。私は楽観的で、物静かで正直です。健康で風邪もあまり引きません。音楽が大好きです。田舎好きで、公園自然散策やサイクリングを楽しみます。精神や経済的に他人に依存しません。都内の契約社員の為、東京在住です。住む地域に縛られないように、近い将来ネットで在宅勤務をしたいです。The Japan Times, The New York Timesを読みます。ノームチョムスキーやビルゲイツなどのインタビューを聞きます。メランコリックな音楽より、陽気でリラックスできる音楽のほうが好きです。パヴァロッティのような声と美しいワルツを見るのが好きです。好きな映画はフィラデルフィア、不都合な真実、ピアニスト、インサイドジョブ、エンロン:部屋の中で最も賢い男、エイジ・オブ・イノセンス。好きな監督はアレックス・ギブニー、ジョナサン・デミ。ホラーやアクション映画は見ない。(無料会員) I’m a US citizen, non-Japanese by ethnicity. I wish to meet my future partner or husband. A calm, warm, optimistic, healthy and candid man is ideal. I’ve been living in Japan for over a decade, and I speak, read and write Japanese. I enjoy a healthy lifestyle and the simple things. I like the countryside and the outdoors such as nature walk and cycling. I love music, and appreciate people’s kindness. I usually see the positive sides of things more. I’m quiet, calm, collected and earnest. Balance in life and serenity are important. I’m self-sufficient. I’m working in Tokyo and will try to work from home online for living-location flexibility. I read The Japan Times and The New York Times, listen to stimulating talks such as Noam Chomsky and Bill Gates. Melancholic music is fine, but cheerful and soothing music is better for me. I love waltz music and watching exquisite waltz, Luciano Pavarotti takes your breath away. My favorite movies are The Pianist, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, The Age of Innocence, An Inconvenient Truth, Inside Job by Charles Ferguson, Carnage by Roman Polanski, Philadelphia. My favorite directors are Alex Gibney and Jonathan Demi. I’m not into action and horror movies. (I am not a paid member)
55 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Male 49 - 58
Photo taken in September 2019 Personality: Friendly, caring, honest, happy, fun-loving but also quiet and can be timid. Do you know Amelie Poulain? Make her a bit more outgoing and that’s me. Absent-minded and in want of life skills such as booking tickets and filling forms, whilst serious, hard-working and frightfully intelligent. Passionate about life. Pastimes: I tend to enjoy the country rather than city. Big fan of comedy and science. Reader of manga comics (comedy and action). Ever a music lover. Rock & Baroque is my motto. As for performing arts, Kabuki and Kagura rock big time! Eating! …sometimes too much(≧▽≦) I’m mostly for plant-based diet now though not a stickler. A cook welcome! Values: Loyal in a relationship and I expect my partner to be the same. Love, family and friendship enrich life beyond words, but they’re not responsible for my happiness – I am. My friends belong to all the sexes, ages and nationalities, especially back where I'm from - Hiroshima. I'm an existentialist – at least last time I checked. (≧▽≦) Don’t you think it’s similar to Buddhism? Comments are welcome, nay or yay! Other than that, sleeping & eating well, work-life balance, footprint conscious, animal welfare, that sort of thing. Dreams: To complete my current life work and leave my name in a small corner of the world history. To live in a traditional house in a quiet part of Kyoto, and maybe somewhere in the UK too, with a partner I love and admire, and together we cook daily meals, do gardening, go for a stroll, go camping, travel interesting places, generally support each other to fulfil dreams, and occasionally go wild. If you're interested to talk, send me a text with more than a quick hi, as I won't be able to reply to casual passing interests. Thanks! And now for something completely different: I love liquorice all sorts!! (≧▽≦)