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32 Kyōto, Kyoto, Japan
Seeking: Male 30 - 45
English ability: Very Good
My name is Mayu, I'm originally Japanese 🇯 🇵 and from Kyoto 👘 Young and hip, well-educated and happy single women is here for looking for my partner and lead to serious relationship 😀 at first, Please don't mess with me if you here for scams, love game, unsolicited stuffs, And casual things. I'm not here for that... 🤷 🏻 ‍ female ️ and I rather prefer to start from good friend because I'd like to know you in person who you are and then move it slowly further with the build trust Little by little. By the way, I'm not like an "typical" Japanese charecteristic women who is willing to marry immediate, having a family asap and raise kids. This is important for me, So I'm keep telling that I prefer to enjoy life in two at first because I think love takes long time and promise especially in interactive relation. Also I'm not big fan of video games Cosplay, anime and mangas (well sometime is good to watch for fun thought) So if you're looking those qualia then try to say but this country is not only proud for "otaku" and "Kawaii" culture and I'm sure cannot hold conversion with you, So please look for different person to not exist your time 😊 I'm less submissive and not having shi personatily (you might be overhelmed a bit bare 😅), And don't making myself up to look way younger like unnatural level. Thankfully, I know what I want in my life and I've known my value, So I have a feeling that something good will happen soon to meet my special one 🍀 I speak Japanese 🇯 🇵, English 🇬 🇧 and French 🇫 🇷 (Still learning and just loving this beautiful and challenging language) so we can communicate in those languages ✌ 🏼 If you're interesting, please get in touch with me, I'm open book so feel free to ask 😁 However, I won't reply if you don't reload any photo of you because I'm serious for meeting in person in near future ✨ I am sorry, But for me is difficult to copy with those who think things subserventily, psychopathic, attention seeker, need, become jealous, Try to manually, get easy temp and one-way talker 🙅 🏻 ‍ female ️ Thank you for your time to read my profile and have a wonderful rest of day 👋 🏼
30 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Male 26 - 70
English ability: Very Good
Hi my name is aikaterina you can call me ”aika” for short ☺️☺️ I am 29 years old of age. Hmm I really don’t know what should I write here but I am willing to Introduce myself so less asking question to me ☺️☺️☺️..I am not japanese. I am filipina currently living here in japan for work :) hmm! how can I describe myself? let's say I love making other people happy because I believe that laughter is the best medicine to those people who are lonely :). I'm a jolly person, friendly, trustworthy woman, faithful, loyal, if I am committed to someone :) I am pretty sure that I am fully committed to you and I will never put you in a lie world but in the place where there is FULL OF PURE LOVE but unfortunately I didn't found my Mr. Right. 😔😔😔 The one who read this i hope you are the one :) …. My heart get is soft easily if I see homeless people or people who need help specially kids. I'm a type of person who have big understanding and big patience in one situation because I choose to talk about it and solve than having arguments. because I believe TRUST, LOYALTY, UNDERSTANDIN, GIVE AND TAKE, HONESTY is the key of happiness in one relationshp 3... I'm a simple woman who don't need material things because simple effort and giving time to me makes me happy :).. I'm a decent girl my daily routine just home work home sometime I just hang out with my friends. I'm here because I don't want to be hopeless finding the right one because I know in perfect time he will come 3... I will not write much if you want to asked something just message me because I am willing to tell more about me! If I already found my Mr. Right in the future I will delete this account :) I am SINGLE (11 yrs now) I don't have BF (I wish I have so I can be happy) I don't have husband ( I wish I found my Mr. Right ) so in short I DON'T HAVE KIDS and I never wish to be a MISTRESS I am not here if I am TAKEN you will never see my profile here and I will never hope my luck here :D LOVE is unexplainable, LOVE is give and take LOVE incredible ❤️❤️💖💖💖
52 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Male 40 - 55
English ability: Very Good
54 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Male 35 - 99
English ability: Very Good
Well Please read my message! ! ! ! ! I JUST SEEK GERMAN, DOITSU JIN, DEUTSCH.NO OTHER COUNTRY! ! ! Are you sure? Why another country man Send email for me? I said, Only Geramn can contact with me. Before you send me email for me! ! ! I don t want to get the email joke for me. I meet some guys, but they try to take my money, if you are such person, don't contact me! ! ! Ich Bin japanarin, ich wohne in tokio. ICH arbeite IM Buero. ICH lebe MIT mine tauther. ICH habe twei kinder. aber alter taughter libe in Kobe mine hobbis sind learn deutsch, Japanese law, resen buecher, horen musik, ich spreche deusch, English japaniese und sehr, ich hoffe wir libe in oder tokio deutschland. ICH muss nahnem slafen medicine. du muss understand it gut ICH hoffe du Mir fuer shchribe deutshch in oder engliish, japanesh, 3languae gut fuer Mir are now I write in English I live in Tokyo Center with my second daughter I work in my office is my original near kyoto I graduate kwansei-gakuin univ, located in hyogo-pref I was protestant christain before, now I am non religion My first daughter live in Kobe I divorced 2 times, my hobbis are learnig German, learing Japanese law, reading books, listening music, sometimes I play keyboard, walking mostly I cook Japanese cooking foos, or chinease food sleep I need to take medicine, I atttend hospital one time in a month, because of my ex-husband s violence, I need the medicines, you must acceot it. So, I can t trip over 3 weeks.max must be 4 weeks for me , and I can t live in poor country, I want to live in advance in medical way very much. Please Tokyo visit first.



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