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39 Akishima, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Female 28 - 41
Home type:
I'm an INTJ, and love going out to places and traveling. Rome Germany are still on my list of to dos, tons of others! While a jam packed bar may not be my thing, an open spacious walk on the beach with a drink at night with music off in the distance would be for example. Im really into street racing, always have been since I was 12, and both of my cars are pretty hooked up for fun times! Even grown men have to have their little boy moments sometimes. Fair warning, I do love video games, sometimes real odd ones. From rts to old turn based final fantasy, resident evil..... in VR... to chess. My brain wont stop working on its own so I wear it down with thinking games for about two hours before bed. If you would hate this in the long term, sorry! It is not a habit that runs my life but I do find it beneficial to me. So if you are one to join in on something like that, +1. The setup i have for it all would honestly intimdate the majority of, idk, this planet. Its pretty amazing, but moving on! I really prefer to go out and experience life out my days off though, not sit around my apartment. This is in short bursts however. Unless I am traveling I typically like to go our for 2 hours and head back home, not run “nights all over town til the sun comes up” Unless there is something awesome we both discover and want to do at home, which is fine..... To be honest I want someone who I can consider my best friend first. I dont need to stick my **** in to someone I wont care about next week. Empty waste of time honestly. I do believe in good health, diets, and working out. I do not adopt a religeon, which a lot of people have problems with. Im agnostic and always will be. I do have a FT job for a company Im not allow to say the name of on sites like this, and Im damn good at what I do! (Im super competitive in my career, even at times when I probably dont need to be) Update: This is now a lie, Im good where I am. My focus is on life, not my job =P I can say I used to work for Microsoft, for about 7 years. What I do now is a massive upgrade in every aspect possible. My office is right here at home on “most” days. (Everyone on this planet uses our computers and phones if that hints enough) The hours are all over the place so if youre looking for someone whos available on the same days and time all the time Im probably not the one. Which might suck, cause you might be perfect for me but not vice versa. Who knows! I have a bad tendancy to put the person Im with at priority number 1 in my life. Im still debating this to be a good or bad thing, I suppose its just flat out situational. My entire family on both sides are made up of cops, nurses, military officers, government agents, or IT freaks, who all serve humanity in general to help people out and make things better. In my own way Im still doing that in IT also. That said if you have issues with any of those professions, I invite you to go fk yourself. Additionally, If you feel the need to get drunk all the time and even alone... we might not work out. Sorry! I understand the first date, it helps open things up a bit, and to cut loose responsibly, but Im not dating alcoholics. I also dont want to consider the first meet up to even be a date. Like I said Id rather find the friend I want to marry, not the girl looking for anyone offering the ring of stability. I dont care if youre a doctor or a store clerk, as long as you take care of yourself and not your parents, its all good. Aside from that, I can get the time I need to figure out if you're a liar or not. Im not banking futures on someone that gives people the run around. And this is tacky as hell to say but seriously, be real or Im going to drop contact from you down the line. Save everyone some time. You live once and time isnt something you get back. Im confident enough in my abilities to sniff sociopaths out and cut them out of my life to say publically, yes my credit is perfect and I have no record. Just incase that 0.0001% chance I find someone who has what I want finds this profile. Lets be honest, its something everyone thinks about before you click the damn send message button. Location is another thing that isnt a problem for me if you are the right person. My career allows me to live anywhere I want, 100% freedom. Im alive to love, and one day I expect to find that back. Not my version of it, your version of it, that persons or this persons. THE feeling of it, the happiness of it, the pain and hard times of it, the disagreements and the moments where everything in the world seems perfect that you will remember forever. And trust me, I know how to protect myself from letting any other type of people into penetrating that. Hustlers be gone, you have no hope here lol That being said, my vice can be putting the person I’m with first in my life. It can destroy me if we don’t have the same needs, it’s not something I’m willing to do unless it’s absolutely the right person
47 Ōsaka, Osaka, Japan
Seeking: Female 24 - 42
Home type:
30 Ōsaka, Osaka, Japan
Seeking: Female 22 - 37
Home type:
36 Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan
Seeking: Female 20 - 33
Home type:
31 Iwakuni, Yamaguchi, Japan
Seeking: Female 20 - 35
Home type:
Alan Sirlin
63 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Female 45 - 70
Home type:
41 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Female 25 - 44
Home type:
36 Chiba, Chiba, Japan
Seeking: Female 21 - 36
Home type:
52 Ōsaka, Osaka, Japan
Seeking: Female 30 - 49
Home type:



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