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48 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Female 23 - 37
Religion: Christian
If you need a smart, thoughtful, strong man in you life.. read on... I'm not your typical American. I'm kind of 'Russell Crow' type with British sense of humour . You will laugh if you're with me... and perhaps eat too much ice cream too ;) My ideal girl would be a nihonjin who's a bit like Penelope Cruz. 私は、温厚で、人気者で、正直、でも面白いです。クリエィティブで、年齢よりずっと賢いです。 私の趣味は、ピクニックや、公園を散歩することです。デートでは映画を観たいです。素敵なレストランで笑いがたくさんのご飯ができたらうれしいです。そして、アイスクリームをたくさん食べさせてあげたいです。理想の女性は、美人で、賢くて、おっとりしていて、かわいらしい人です。まあ、80%天使で20%わがままな子がいいな。年齢は、25歳から35歳を希望します。でも、一番大事なのは、誠実で、思いやりがあって愛情深いことかな。 英語ができなくても大丈夫です。私が日本語を勉強するべきなのです。 でも、私は、ここで日本語の先生を探しているわけではありません。相性のいい女性に出会えて、運がよければ愛し合える相手を見つけたいです。 To anyone else... I'm an English speaker... but am currently looking for a Japanese woman who lives here in Tokyo. Regardless, I thank you for all your kind words. '-)
31 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Female 18 - 42
Religion: Christian
Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Dan. I don't know how to describe myself, so I give back some words of my family and friends. I'm a hard-working man, who spends a lot of time helping others, thinking about the people around me and wants everything to be peaceful. I have a desire for cooking and especially baking, I also love to travel, enjoy a nice movie on the couch, and if I have a partner, attach myself a lot to her, kiss and cuddle all the time. I have a kind heart and I'm very passionate. Your time is very valuable and I don't want to be the reason you feel it's wasted, so I try to put all kinds of information here so that you don't get disappointed later. (Most people probably don't even read my profile sadly) I don't like clubs or going out that much. I do enjoy spending time with my partner though, so going out shopping, eating, walking in the streets, travelling is all fine with me. Just no bars or dance clubs please. I love to spend time at home. I respect culture, religion and your personal space if you need it, even though I'm not religious, I'm kinda a blank paper and I love to be attached to my partner 😖 I like romance, romantic movies, romantic times, anime and games as well - you could say I have a little girlish heart, but I have the responsible character and strong will of a man. (That doesn't mean that women can't be like that of course). I see myself and any nice and kind person as equal. People who are disrespectful and criminal are"garbage" in my eyes. I like to give presents, give warmth, give guidance and comfort, but actually don't require so much back Stay with me and be lovely to me is all I would love. I think I'm in the age for becoming a father, so if we date for a while and I got a good feeling, I would consider making a family if you have the same feeling and wish. As we are equals, I wish we can do most things together, that means I love to help in the house, cook together, clean the house etc. I want a partner and not a house maid, so "classic" women/men roles are unwelcome. Equal humans means equal work, care taking and house work. 😉 I'm very passionate, so it will happen often that I try to be intimate with you, but that (of course) doesn't mean you have to do it. I just can't control my feeling for you, so I automatically be very attached to you, sorry for this in advance. 😸 If you are still here, then there are some more private info about me below, as a reward or so. 😛 The most important thing is, be yourself and be happy. ❤️ Some people want to know very intimate things, so I will just say it so there are no uncomfortable questions or secrets: I earn about 6.5 million yen per year. I have no children but wish for 2. (Girl and boy in that order) For whatever reason, I got asked this as well, and I think I should tell you. I love to be often and very intimate with my partner. I'm uncircumcised and my private`s about 16-17cm.



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