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37 Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Seeking: Female 23 - 34
Star sign: Leo
There are tons of great places in Yokohama, be they restaurants or museums, etc. that are simply better enjoyed with another person. I am looking for people to enjoy them with. If it turns into something more, all the better. 横浜ではいろいろな楽しいところがあるけど、誰かと行く方が良いと思う。 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Born in Canada, but I've spent 6 years in Japan. 私のページよこそ!最近あまり使ってないけど、日本語頑張る。 是非からかってください. *What I’m doing with my life* Right now I work as a head teacher of a small preschool in Yokohama. I have been teaching English in one form or another for the past 6 years and it turns out that teaching children is what I do the best. どういえば良いかな。 今、横浜で、教師として保育園に語らいています.しかし今まで六年間以上教育のような仕事をやっている。楽しいだからよ!結局子供と過ごす使途後は一番良いにした。 I study Japanese and French when I can. 出来るだけ、暇なら、時間あれば、日本語とフランス語を勉強することが好きです. I am terrible at every team sport there is. I was routinely picked last for every team game we had in school and to this day if you throw any kind of spherical object at me it will probably end up hitting me in my spherical objects be they my head or my balls. However, I love to run, swim and cycle. They give me time to think and they give me an excuse to not work. チームスポーツは大苦手だけど、マラソン、水泳、サイクリングというスポーツが好き. Other than that, just burning through my kindle, keeping warm or cool depending on the season and trying resist the urge to punch people in the face. 毎日仕事は忙しいけど、のんびりのマイペースの日が一番。 *I’m really good at* Playing with kids, doing the same thing over and over for a long time (which is why I am good at studying Japanese kanji and running), making people laugh, forgetting where I put things. 子供の遊び、繰り返すが必要な活動、忘れること。きみは? *The first things people usually notice about me* The first is probably my height, the second is probably my eyes. 目の大きさ? 体の小ささ? お尻の美しさ? *Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food* Books: Call of the Wild, The Brothers Karamazov, Invisible Man, The Master of Go, The Big Sleep, Thousand Cranes, The Hobbit, Anne of Green Gables, Silence (Chinmoku), City of Glass, Juilus Caesar and so on. 日本語のほんなら  沈黙、千羽ずる、銀河鉄道999 Music: スピッツ、夏川りみ、いきものがかり、X Japan、Anthem Michael Jackson, Bee Gees, Megadeth, Daft Punk Movies: Robocop, Blazing Saddles, The Matrix, Shawshank Redemption, Lincoln Shows: Sherlock, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Simpsons, Whose Line is it Anyway? Food: I am pretty diligent about my exercise habits, but my eating habits are admittedly awful. It tends to even out. Basically anything. 何でも良い!



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