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32 Miami, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 20 - 42
I live my life by rules. Rule 1. Do no harm to anyone. Rule 2. Be kind to all people, especially people not as fortunate as you. Rule 3. Do not let the little things bother you. Rule 4. Have as much fun in life as is possible. Rule 5. Laugh as much as possible. Rule 6. Do not take yourself seriously because life is not going to take you seriously. Rule 7. Read and practice Rules 1 & 2 daily. :) Now you know about my personality and disposition. But you might ask, "but what does he look like, and what does he like to do?" People say I am handsome and have athletic body. But my friends are not going to tell me I am ugly and look like a toad. So, it is suggested that you be skeptical of anyone who says they are handsome and have an athletic body. :) Personality is rock solid stable, joyful, confident, and without surprises, except sweet surprises. Grateful every moment for life. Live each moment of life to the fullest as though there will not be a tomorrow whilst being hyper-responsible to those around me. (i.e. not selfish) Family originally from Iasi, Romania and Odessa, Ukraine so I have green eyes and European shape face. I have an unquenchable passion for travel, with a friend or partner, along with the g-d given good luck, time and economic resources to travel internationally. Looking for friend or partner for international travel, skiing holidays, horseback riding, and more. I live to ski, and ski to live. Love the outdoors; horseback riding; exercise; fishing, scuba diving; hiking; nature; and water skiing. I eat only healthy and natural food. I enjoy cooking for friends. Not so much the cleaning part. Exceptionally hardworking. I have three (3) disparate careers and when I work, I work long hours. (i.e. 7 days a week, 10 hour days). Much of my work can be performed while I travel with a laptop and phone. Although I work incredibly hard, for me it is not work to be paid to enjoy what others call work, and which I call fun. My work is primarily intellectually based and for me this is not work. I play as hard as I work. Undergraduate degree in Economics. Doctorate degree in different field. I am relaxed and laid back.Constantly reading, studying and learning new subjects especially medicine; science; technology; anatomy; oncology; psychology.. Extensive knowledge of Middle East history and political affairs, cardiology, and internal medicine. Always happy with good mood and smile on face. Quick to make a joke and bring smile to those around me. Generous to fault. Kind to, and respectful of, all people. Gentle and respectful of all people which, of course, includes woman. Love animals, especially dogs and horses. Prefer animals and children to most adults. Love children. Children and animals are not deceptive. The same cannot be said of humans. For privacy and security reasons I am unable to publicly post too much identifying information about myself, including age (age stated is biological, not chronological) Instead, I will provide information and additional photos upon initial contact.
45 Seattle, Washington, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
48 Los Angeles, California, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 31
Originally from Los Angeles [my parents immigrated from Korea], after working in Asia for 5 years and having traveled to over 11 countries, I’m thankful to have meet many international friends, deeply humbled by their culture and cuisine. Then after business school, I started a company in Asia with 2 partners. Recently, also, started a real estate investing company in USA. Love playing sports, exercise and make friends and go out for a quick bite afterwards. I’m ambivalent about sporting event and only find out about what team is competing [i.e., super bowl, world series,…] when I see a glimpse while at the gym as I’m listening to a book-on-tape from Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, pastor’s sermon or Vivaldi’s violin concerto 4. Love hiking, camping, deep-sea fishing – and, of course, eat fresh fish [sushi, grilled, sautéed] after catching them. Though I have my favorite food [i.e., Thai, Hong Kong, Middle Eastern], I’m up for trying out new restaurants and have an increasing inclination to cook at home to experiment, creating international fusion dishes with the best ingredients. There are only so many beaches to visit before getting bored. Too much idle time gets old. There are only so many shopping malls to visit before getting bored. I really enjoy meeting mentors, experts in their field, learning from them to apply it to my business. Two things I make it a priority to do – meeting experts and learning [books, utube, seminars]. No theoretical bull-sh*t!! Relationships are important to me – family, international/domestic [USA] friends, church, business partners, mentors, service clubs [Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, etc.]. I strive to use what I’ve been entrusted with diligent and excellence – my health, time, mind, setbacks [they hurt, learn from it and move on…], experience, creativity, ambition, etc. Thankful to my parents for immigrating to the USA to give me the opportunities and experiences that has enabled me to do international business, meet many people from various countries, from deep relationships of trust and share life together. Making everyday a master piece !! Seeking someone under 30 years old. Unlikely in an advanced economy like USA, Korea but worth a try. Far more likely in developing countries [poor] like Vietnam, Russia, India, China, Thailand to have a wide age gap. I receive many requests to connect from ladies over 30 but please respect the age requirement. If you’re older than 30, please don’t message me unless you’re a year or two above AND can delineate why/how you’re exceptional, far above the rest in character, contribution, achievement. All the best in life. My account will expire, will not renew so Kakao me, my ID is kimtaejoon8. Email is kimtaejoon8@gmail.com And send your profile details. Thanks.
50 Los Angeles, California, United States
Seeking: Female 24 - 42
Dr Kory “👀Profile”
50 Fortuna Foothills, Arizona, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 28
Dear Miss 🙏 PLEASE READ 👇 PROFILE if I 💌 Send you an Interest; otherwise you will not receive; 📲, 📹 🤳🏿 & 🇺🇸 💍 from me. Thanks for understanding, Kory. SUMMARY::: FOR YOU: 🏞 FORTUNA FOOTHILLS, ARIZONA, USA 🗺; Near the Union of Arizona/California/Colorado River / Mexico: Nice; Friendship, Boyfriendship Plus Partnership 👌 +++ The Ultimate 🗽 : -) SUB: ⏳ Life is short. Wouldn't it be a success, if our relationship progressed in weeks, better than others have done in years. I am interested in of course getting to know you. But, if everything goes well; I am available as a companion, open to romance and am seeking a person that can also enjoy an awesome career with me. If we have a plan - - - we have a chance: RE: With Me As Your New Partner or Fiancé 💍; Home, Internet and University Based International Scientific Organization, fun and easy for you. Your; + Move-In Projects + On-Line Store + Web-Site Expansion – Or Just Choose “☄ Meteorites 💎“ {The Hub Of All Science} See f b; To Learn More. Complimentary Training Provided, So The School and Myself Have Mutual Loyalty 🌹 As Our First Choice. Hello, I am shown here: [See 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Photos] All taken within the last year and THIS IS ALL REAL AND SAFE. More About - Your Dreams / The Life Style \ My Dreams - More About: I am healthy and all clean. Integrity and diligence are important to me. I like to (if it is my Match(: Research at a substantial number of top international estates by you. Help forward science at colleges with interesting Discoveries including yourself. Select Expeditions /trips\ vacations that are intriguing to both of us. vidchat via: f book; koryRobertBurton or skyp; burtonphd with you. I would love to (if it is you(: Give you a deep full body massage - I took it in college, but it’s only for you / we can do it to each other. Fall-In-Love mutually / change the world positively with our science / see the world / run off happily ever after [ you know the stuff dreams are made of !!! 🌈] Then, I’m open to the adoption of a child or teen – there are a lot of them that need our emergency help. The Foundation Receives Cool Grants to Share 💞 with You: 📱 ~ Smart phone or multipurpose tablet computer/cell with a pocket projector-keyboard and a pocket projector-display plus unlimited world services. 💒 ~ Eleven rooms in total; - five to share and six private multipurpose room for you and me...plus, high tech office, gym, three patios & motor home all with gorgeous views of trees & Mountains. Yet only 15 minutes from Yuma nicely Equipped City & International Airport. Enjoy full use of well set Chateau. Safe / secure and the ultimate place for you to live. Bordering: Major US Cities; San Diego and Phoenix plus near San Luis Río Colorado Mexico. 🚙 ~ Totally equipped car, fast, fun and economical. Body; bright white and the color’s right plus lights pink. 😇 ~ Plus much more… 🔍 ~ What is your dream??? 💡 Further on the horizon, we can enjoy Global 🌍 and ⭐ travel✈opportunities. And for all the right reasons ☄ for example … As the Founder / Multidisciplinary International Scientist specializing in “☄Meteorites💎“ I’ve been testing a pocketable Documentary 🎬 Cinematic 4K 📹 . See ⬇