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55 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Male 49 - 60
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Photo taken in September 2019 Personality: Friendly, caring, honest, happy, fun-loving but also quiet and can be timid. Do you know Amelie Poulain? Make her a bit more outgoing and that’s me. Absent-minded and in want of life skills such as booking tickets and filling forms, whilst serious, hard-working and frightfully intelligent. Passionate about life. Pastimes: I tend to enjoy the country rather than city. Big fan of comedy and science. Reader of manga comics (comedy and action). Ever a music lover. Rock & Baroque is my motto. As for performing arts, Kabuki and Kagura rock big time! Eating! …sometimes too much(≧▽≦) I’m mostly for plant-based diet now though not a stickler. A cook welcome! Values: Loyal in a relationship and I expect my partner to be the same. Love, family and friendship enrich life beyond words, but they’re not responsible for my happiness – I am. My friends belong to all the sexes, ages and nationalities, especially back where I'm from - Hiroshima. I'm an existentialist – at least last time I checked. (≧▽≦) Don’t you think it’s similar to Buddhism? Comments are welcome, nay or yay! Other than that, sleeping & eating well, work-life balance, footprint conscious, animal welfare, that sort of thing. Dreams: To complete my current life work and leave my name in a small corner of the world history. To live in a traditional house in a quiet part of Kyoto, and maybe somewhere in the UK too, with a partner I love and admire, and together we cook daily meals, do gardening, go for a stroll, go camping, travel interesting places, generally support each other to fulfil dreams, and occasionally go wild. If you're interested to talk, send me a text with more than a quick hi, as I won't be able to reply to casual passing interests. Thanks! And now for something completely different: I love liquorice all sorts!! (≧▽≦)
45 Narita, Chiba, Japan
Seeking: Male 27 - 42
Eye wear:
29 Miyoshi, Hiroshima, Japan
Seeking: Male 20 - 29
Eye wear:
*日本語が分かるので、ご安心ください〜 I'm, well, kind of quirky. That's probably the best quick summary. I also like new experiences...because seriously, if you don't try new things, life is boring. ちょっと一風変わった女性なんですが、それがチャームポイントじゃないですか?まあもちろん最初は礼儀正しくてちょっとシャイだけど、もっと知り合うと私のsilly sideが出てきます(^^)新しいことをできる限り経験したいです! I'm teaching English as an ALT here in Japan for this year, maybe more. I've loved Japan since I was a kid, and I started learning Japanese in high school (and took Chinese at the same time for a year at college). I went abroad to Kyoto my whole junior year--it was incredible! I just graduated college last year, and then tutoring a bit and worked at a Japanese bakery in Boston... eventually after teaching English, I'll go back to the U.S., go to grad school and either be a language interpreter or a Japanese instructor (college or high school). 今年から英語を教える仕事が始まります!高校時代からの夢がやっと叶います。ずっと日本に興味を持って、8年間以上日本語を勉強してきました。(小さい頃、アニメとマンガがきっかけになりました。)大学三年生の時、8ヶ月間京都で留学もして、素晴らしかったです☆  去年ボストンにある大学を卒業して、社会人の生活を始めました。将来の夢は大学院に入って、日本語の教師か翻訳者になると思っています。 I really like to sing, and not just karaoke--I've been in chorus and a cappella for several years! I just love music in general and would love to see a J-rock show sometimes. I also enjoy drawing and taking photos, as well as anime and manga. 趣味は歌うこと、絵を描くこと、撮影などです。ずっと合唱団やアカペラをやっていて、それが終わってから、よくカラオケに行こうと思います。音楽にも興味があるから、Jロックのライブに行きたいです!アニメとマンガも好きです〜



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