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38 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: 25 - 35
55 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Male 49 - 60
Photo taken in September 2019 Personality: Friendly, caring, honest, happy, fun-loving but also quiet and can be timid. Do you know Amelie Poulain? Make her a bit more outgoing and that’s me. Absent-minded and in want of life skills such as booking tickets and filling forms, whilst serious, hard-working and frightfully intelligent. Passionate about life. Pastimes: I tend to enjoy the country rather than city. Big fan of comedy and science. Reader of manga comics (comedy and action). Ever a music lover. Rock & Baroque is my motto. As for performing arts, Kabuki and Kagura rock big time! Eating! …sometimes too much(≧▽≦) I’m mostly for plant-based diet now though not a stickler. A cook welcome! Values: Loyal in a relationship and I expect my partner to be the same. Love, family and friendship enrich life beyond words, but they’re not responsible for my happiness – I am. My friends belong to all the sexes, ages and nationalities, especially back where I'm from - Hiroshima. I'm an existentialist – at least last time I checked. (≧▽≦) Don’t you think it’s similar to Buddhism? Comments are welcome, nay or yay! Other than that, sleeping & eating well, work-life balance, footprint conscious, animal welfare, that sort of thing. Dreams: To complete my current life work and leave my name in a small corner of the world history. To live in a traditional house in a quiet part of Kyoto, and maybe somewhere in the UK too, with a partner I love and admire, and together we cook daily meals, do gardening, go for a stroll, go camping, travel interesting places, generally support each other to fulfil dreams, and occasionally go wild. If you're interested to talk, send me a text with more than a quick hi, as I won't be able to reply to casual passing interests. Thanks! And now for something completely different: I love liquorice all sorts!! (≧▽≦)
43 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Male 37 - 41
Reason why am The I I like here is that connecting with people, and this time I am looking for someone to connect with for the second half of my life.I enjoy challenges, and according to my friends I am fairly reliable and trustworthy, so I I believe can be a good family member.I would love to have a child. Speaking of myself, I am the only daughter of my family and I have two elder brothers, both over a decade older than me and married.I started playing the violin when I was three years old, and still love it - I I play in an amateur orchestra and perform in concerts sometimes.I was concentrating on Music until secondery School, yet then when choosing the university, I decided to specialise in the History of Western Art, which had been another interest since my childhood and went to do my Britain to BA MA and in Art History and Museum Studies.My English was not so good when I went there, but then my music helped me in communicating with people in the community and merging into the small town where my university was located.I played in both local and university orchestras and also played in churches before the mass Sunday started.Classic music is my favourite (particularly Mozart, Brahms, Cezar Franck) yet I also listen to popular music and rock when want to get I myself energised. My first encounter with Art was when my brother took me to a Picasso when I exhibition was three, and I just did not want to leave when I saw Picasso's female portrait Cubism in style.I Western have also been interested in history, first in the history of when I Roman Empire was at the secondary school, then in Middle Age I started when my university.My favourite Renaissance period is in Italy, and among all artists, I Michelangelo Buonarrotti love the most. In terms of sports, I like hiking and mountaineering, and I nature conservation activities have been participating since University from time to time.I also love dancing and did some dancing at contemporary style The secondary school, then Ballroom &Latin dance at the university.I learnt Flamenco for 1 year some years ago as well.I love learning languages to broaden my knowledge and so France went to live in a half year after working for several years in Japan.I Italian started taking lessons since the end of last year and it gives me a good retreat & escape from my hectic work life along with little bit 30 - 60 mins jogging every week. I I yet cannot drink much love knowing about alcoholic beverages, and acquired the I Wine Advisor certificate some years ago and have visited I Sake of distilleries, Whisky Shochu whenever I and have my chances during leisure or business trip in Japan lately. I have also been involved in the activity of raising Unesco' s literacy in developing countries as I strongly believe in the importance of education for anyone and grateful for the good education I was given. As for work, I British in museums have worked as an intern, at a Japanese space satellite manufacturing company as an executive assistant and as an organiser of international conference, at a Malaysian oil company as a finance officer and HR personnel, at Gallery in an Art Ginza as a salesperson, and at an international luxury hotel in Tokyo as assistant to the Executive GM.I am currently working as a manager at another luxury hotel in promotion and am Tokyo in charge Hotel Restaurant of promotions and events.I love what am doing I I as am able to make use of my connections with artists and musician for organising events.I would love to do a job in which I can work with someone as a team to create something - every small thing - and make a little fun! I am looking for someone who loves challenges and creating something new.I am aspiring and looking for someone who is always positive, easy-going, kind and generous at heart.
48 Tōkyō, Tokyo, Japan
Seeking: Male 32 - 43



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