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Merci JapanCupid !! :D

Nous nous sommes rencontré sur le site et nous allons nous marier le 10 juin 2017 :) Merci JapanCupid !! :D


Un grand merci à JapanCupid!

Nous nous sommes rencontrés sur le site au mois d'Aout, au début nous étions tous les deux prudents et faisions connaissance au bout de quelques mois que nous discutions ensemble nous avons décidé d’être ensemble et je l'ai fait venir en France .Elle sans hésiter à pris l'avion depuis Haneda et elle est venue me rejoindre près de Marseille. Aujourd'hui nous vivons ensemble et elle à repris les études pour apprendre le français et pour commencer une Lire plus >> fac de sport et rester vivre en France avec moi. Un grand merci à votre site de nous avoir permis de nous rencontrer malgré la distance qu'il y a entre nos deux pays. Junko et Edward << Réduire


Je souhaite aux autres membres de ce site de trouver l'amour

J'ai rencontré mon partenaire sur ensuite nous nous somme rencontré dans son pays et ça a été le coup de foudre. Maintenant on a des projets ensemble et peut-être qu'un jour, nous allons nous marier. Je souhaite aux autres membres de ce site de trouver l'amour.


j'ai vraiment trouvé la personne dont je rêvé grâce a vous

Merci à JapanCupid, et merci à toute l'équipe qui c'est mobilisé à faire ce site merveilleux, j'ai vraiment trouvé la personne dont je rêvé grâce a vous et grâce au destin, je ne suis pas resté longtemps sur ce site et pourtant j'ai trouvé mon âme sœur, et espère ne plus y revenir, j'espère aussi bien sûr que d'autres personnes comme nous ce rencontrerons dessus, bonne chance à tous et au revoir. Un membre très heureux de vous quitté.


We are grateful to Japancupid to help us make our dreams come true!

Aga, a girl from Poland had a small tablecloth when she was a child. She neither liked it, nor disliked but she kept looking at it. The writing on it said: Australia... She liked the plants on the tablecloth, she liked plants in general. Growing older she started to dream about traveling and visiting the world. Australia was high on her list of places to see. Was it because of the tablecloth? One day she learnt to make origami. Of course her favorite Lire plus >> figures were flowers. Folding paper became her passion. She learnt that origami came from Japan. Japan appeared to be another country that interested her. There are not only modern skyscrapers in Japan, amazing technology but also beautiful gardens with fantastic plants. She really wanted to go to Japan. When she stopped being little Aga and changed into teenage Age she realized she fancied Asians a lot. Was it because of origami? Or did she became interested in origami to start liking Asians?… Some years passed, Aga began traveling. She visited many countries in Europe, then went to Asia. One day with some friends she decided to finally go to Japan for her next trip. They thought it was a good idea to make some friends there as Japan seemed expensive and difficult to travel around. Spontaneously Aga thought ‘Why not find a boyfriend there? I have always liked Japanese men and wanted to date one‘ Fortunately she didn’t consider pros and cons for too long. Google suggested: Japan Cupid. She logged in and everything happened so quickly that after a month she was in love with Koh… Koh is a Japanese who lived in… Australia. It looks like the Universe decided to make two Aga’s dreams come true at one go… No, three dreams, the third dream was Koh’s desire to find a partner from Europe and move there. He had been looking for a European wife for fifteen years…. After a month of writing emails, and three days spent together in Poland Aga and Koh decided to… get married. Yes, it was crazy, but.. why not? What for wait for longer and experience the difficult separation? That was the easiest way to legalize Koh’s staying in Poland. So this is how Aga went to Australia. She was sure she would visit him soon when they were saying goodbye to each other in Poland. She just felt it. She felt that the Universe would help their love develop. And it did. The flight ticket to Australia was unexpectedly cheap at that moment… Aga saw many fantastic plants in Australia. She also saw a wild kangaroo. Koh was very surprised as he had lived for 18 years in Australia and had never seen a wild kangaroo… Although it was only a trip to Sydney and the surrounding, Aga experienced Australia and made her dream come true. Japan is still waiting for its turn… Koh came to Aga six weeks after her visit to Australia. They got married six weeks later… Did we both dream about such things because it was our destiny, or did we create everything with the power of our belief? We don’t know. But we are grateful to Japan Cupid to help us make our dreams come true. Aga and Koh << Réduire


Thanks JapanCupid!

We got married over 2 years ago. Didn't know I was still active on this site.


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