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I found my loved one!

I am glad! I found my loved one! I like him, I do love him. So wish me luck!


We got married!

I just want to say thank you. Me, and Atsushi met on japancupid in 2014 (january) and we got married 3 weeks ago at july 4th. Im really thankful, that i could find my true love, my other half.

Nikolett and Atsushi

I thank you Japan Cupid for give us a place for meeting really special people.

From here we've started a new path... together. And it's for real, I met Fumiko on JC from November 2013, then started to talk and became good friends fast, then love began to built it up within each of us little by little, became stronger each day by talking daily then visit her in Japan, then, the rest is history... I think there is no secrets for make a good relationship, only keep always honest, and this not only apply for long distance loves, Lees meer >> but all kind of relationships. I thank you Japan Cupid for give us a place for meeting really special people, and for being honest with your users all the time. About us? we've got married on May 2015 and everyday we learn about each other more and more, and our love is getting increase more and more too. ジャパンキューピッドさんありがとうございました!そして、さようなら! << inkorten

Fumiko and Christian


最初は、自分の語学力のためにと思い登録しました。出会いは、正直求めてませんでした。 でも、ここで本当の自分でいられる相手と出会うことができました。 感謝します。 ありがとうございました。


My angel!

Found: One Angel! Dear Japan Cupid: I went on your web site just to meet some new people. I wasn't really looking to fall in love and get married- but that's what happened! I joined and met some nice girls, but when I met Angela three months later, I knew she was something special. She captured by imagination, and later, my heart! We only emailed at first, but later we were talking on Skype every week. At first, it was only for an hour or two, but Lees meer >> later we would stay on camera for as long as 9 and 1/2 hours! I knew that I had to meet this girl in person, no matter what the result might be. From the moment we met at Shenyang airport in November (Thanksgiving Day!), we were inseparable. It was almost as if we were finally reunited rather than meeting for the first time. We knew we would be spending the rest of our lives together, so we decided to get married as soon as possible. The two of us sitting together at City Hall waiting to apply for the marriage certificate is one of my happiest memories and I had absolutely no second thoughts or doubts that I was doing the right thing. The only painful memory I have connected with Angela is when I finally had to leave China without her, but she'll be getting her visa and coming to the US very soon so we can be together always! Her name really suits her, because she is very much like an angel- my angel! Thank you, Angela, for marrying me, and thank you, Japan Cupid, for helping us find each other again! Sincerely, Eric << inkorten





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