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We will be married in June

Great site. Be patient I found someone and went to China to visit and now we will be married in June. Can't thank this site enough. Thanks JapanCupid



このサイトで気が合い、私のタイの別荘で会うことになりました。 初めて結婚を意識した相手でした。 一緒にいて最高のひと時を過ごしました。 近々、婚約をし、彼の国へ移住する予定です!


Soon become a mom

Hello admin, I'm sorry it's been ages ago that I wasn't able to updated my account here after I found my destiny here about 2 years ago. I thought I already switched off my profile here but until now I still received some interests and email notifications to my email address so today I tried to retrieved my password so that I could log-in again and switch it off. Hope this will get through;-) Anyway ,I am so grateful to your site because I am happily läs mer >> married now and soon become a mom because I am currently 36 weeks pregnant whose the father I've met here 2 years ago when I was still in Japan. Life is really magical, you can never know when is the magic of love strikes on you. Though I may not have a perfect life but I am perfectly happy with my husband and my new family here in Brisbane,Australia. I wish good luck to those who are still here and still patiently looking to their soul mate, Just don't lose hope. One day she/he gonna find you! or you gonna find her/him ;-) God bless all! << kollaps


My wife and I married

I initially joined JapanCupid in the latter part of last year because it seemed a well organized and reputable, security conscious site. As someone who was maybe a little disillusioned, I only hoped to find pen pals, people who could help me learn a new language and culture, perhaps act as a guide to me while on holiday. So it was a little bit of a surprise when in my first month of premium membership I found I was talking many hours a day and having läs mer >> a wonderful time doing so with another new member. I was even more surprised still when we started, quite easily and naturally, to have contact outside the site and in time began to talk about spending our holidays together and even the possibility of a future together. Joining JapanCupid has certainly been a great success for me, a life changer. My wife and I married on the 28th of December. We are very happy as we have been since we met. I would recommend your site as one with genuine members who may be surprised at how much they have to offer each other, and how much they are in their heart of hearts still looking for the right person, however cynical they may pretend to themselves that they are. I wholeheartedly recommend JapanCupid and wish other members our good fortune. Keep up the good work! << kollaps



最初は、自分の語学力のためにと思い登録しました。出会いは、正直求めてませんでした。 でも、ここで本当の自分でいられる相手と出会うことができました。 感謝します。 ありがとうございました。



私は、Japancupidで出会った女性と交際3ヶ月で先日結婚して、今、とても幸せに暮らしてます。日本人の女性は、とても優しくて美しくて 出会えた事に心から感謝してます。ありがとうございました。