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61 Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 50
Looking for a very attractive, to be my wife and move to California, USA with me. I am a loving, kind and god fearing man. About My Life and What I’m Looking For In My Own Words: No one ever accused me of being a hot head. I’d rather laugh than argue and make someone feel welcome instead of left out. Yes, I’m a nice guy. Isn’t that refreshing? My background is in Business. That’s what I studied in college and it’s how I make my living, specifically real estate. I know, I know, I hear the collective groan out there. But I think tough circumstances force us to play smarter, not just harder and it’s an exciting time in that respect. I’m well suited to my profession because I’ve never been reactionary, preferring a moderate approach whenever possible. Interestingly, that’s also how I view relationships. A down-to-earth woman with a healthy lifestyle and a sense of humor gets my attention, especially if she too, keeps drama to a minimum. She’s cool under pressure but a has warm, loving personality. Smoking and drugs are deal breakers for me. The only high I’m interested in comes from a great vacation or a lovely weekend in the company of someone special. My match also likes to travel. I’ve been lucky to see China, Hong Kong and the Philippines, but I haven’t yet seen Europe. It’s next on the list and could be more fun with the woman in my life. This laid-back world traveler I envision is also into the outdoors and doesn’t mind sharing me with my dog! Trust me, we’re both lots of fun at the beach, on a walk or hiking in the mountains. We love the outdoors! The woman for me can communicate. She’s talkative because she has something on her mind, not just because she’s trying to fill a silence. Living in California is wonderful and there are so many gorgeous places for two people to explore while they get to know one another. What do you say? : Traveling abroad or just exploring locally sounds like fun. Dinner with friends, a bike ride or hikes with my dog are also favorite pastimes. Favorite Hot Spots: The Far East holds some of my preferred destinations. Hong Kong, China and the Philippines were incredible trips. I wouldn’t mind returning but after I’ve finally seen Europe! Here in the states, I like Tahoe, Hawaii,Yosemite, Carmel and Monterey. Favorite Things: I enjoy Italian, Mexican, Philippino and Chinesse foods. I am a guy who’s happy at restaurants like Chili’s, Red Lobster or anywhere with good Chinese or Philippino food. The outdoors is where I’m most at home. Last Read: These days you have to keep up with current events in the money market. I read Business Week and real estate books but also enjoy Sports Illustrated and the local paper. My Job: As a self-employed real estate broker and investor, I’ve been in the Business since 1984. I also spent 12 years working in Accounting. My Ethnicity: Most of my family is of German/Dutch/Irish descent. My Religion: Religion isn’t a hot button issue for me in dating relationships. I’m a person of faith but don’t regularly attend services so I keep an open mind. My Education: My major was Finance and my degree is a Bachelor of Science in Business.
71 Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 35 - 55
OK, JUST A REMINDER THAT SAYING "I LOVE YOU" DOES NOT GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO ASK ME FOR MONEY, JUST MY HEART. My name is not ATM. Please, no virgins. Why not? Coz by the time I teach her, I would be too old to enjoy her. If you really want to know me and meet me, you must read "What I'm looking for in a partner", . I grew up in New York. I am a one-woman man searching for my equal partner and best friend. NO PICS, NO REPLY. Also, if you have no cam/mic, you may be a scamming male. Been fooled before. I'm considered to be very passionate, oral, sensual, very witty, knowledgeable, very romantic, a problem solver, loyal, sensitive (to a fault), reliable, responsible, sometimes a little naughty but harmless, a good cook (if you enjoy pasta, seafood and chicken) and a very unselfish lover. I'd rather be by myself than be with the wrong woman. Here's a little secret. I cry. Yes, at sad movies and deaths, very happy movies and weddings, romantic things/movies and when I witness extreme kindness by people, and more. If you think this is not manly, it's ok, but go to the next profile. On the other hand, I need a woman who will respond to my kisses and touching. I'm told that I am a very considerate, giving, romantic, sensitive and sensual lover and prefer a good lover, too. Then we will have it all. I can make you the happiest woman you know. You'll know if I like you if I flirt and/or am a little naughty with you. I'll sing you love songs or talk to you about anything under the sun. I am very open minded.
38 Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 23 - 34
64 Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 40
Hi all! I am looking for a woman of depth, character and intelligence, as well as a metaphysical / spiritual orientation. Personal growth is a central part of my life, and I would enjoy some companionship walking that path. Also, a distinct intellectual bent would be most valued. I love to learn about and discuss current events, metaphysical / spiritual matters, new ideas, the human condition...intellectual pursuits in general. Are there any thinkers out there? For me, interesting conversation is the spice of life! Lets have a meeting of the minds (and spirits) :-) But that doesn't mean that I am overly serious. I like light-hearted, spontaneous fun also. A wicked sense of humor is delicious! Entertaining each other is a key factor in relational pleasure and longevity...it is hard to overestimate this importance. Hey, did you hear the one about...ha! I also have a distinct preference for an optimist...someone that sees the glass as half full...that believes they can actualize their dreams, in time. Lets actualize some common dreams :-) It can be amazing what two people can accomplish together when they share common visions! I think it important to explore friendship capacity and compatibility first, as that is the foundation for any relationship. But if this level is achieved, the desire for bonding, mutual personal exploration and intimacy is a requirement. For me, that is what makes a relationship well worth the effort....love is the ultimate destination. And I love being in-love. Who doesn't? :-) I am also very much into health and fitness, and would want my significant other to love herself enough to make that effort for herself. Nutrition and exercise are central aspects of my lifestyle. Self-love is a springboard for loving others. Plus healthy is a large part of sexy. Bodily systems must be kept "in-tune" and optimized. Lets motivate and nurture each other into glowing health! I am looking for a like-minded woman that seeks the above. The rest we just make up as we go along :-) Have a great day!
31 Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 29
. I guess a little description of myself is in order here lol. I first and most importantly, never take life to seriously. I will make the best of every situation and make sure everyone has a good time doing so. I am MASSIVELY into cooking. I mainly enjoy outdoor cooking, (smoking, bbq, grilling, gumbo. etc..). I really enjoy doing competitive outdoor activities (yes i do like grilling competitions lol) but i also really enjoy cornhole, disc golf, four wheeling, riding motorcycles and so on. Im a regional sales manager for MetroPCS. Sadly i do work alot, but thankfully i still get two days off a week. I really enjoy movies, (in fact im quite the movie buff) and i would have to say that sci fi movies are my fav (dont judge im only a closet nerd ;) lol). I have six tattoos, and am a HUGE tattoo fan. I am in love with traveling !!! Two years ago i dropped everything in jacksonville and decided to take an eight month long road trip to 43 different states. I would honestly have to say that it was the best time in my life! I traveled several of the states on my motorcycle. Feeling the fresh pure air of the mountains while riding through montana is a feeling i will never forget. It was a journey that changed my life and allowed me to finally feel comfortable about settling down in jacksonville and start building solid foundations for my future and for my future family. Im honestly hoping to find someone on here that i can have a really good time with. I am open to the idea of a long term relationship if that is what pursues after hanging out and getting to know each other. I am looking for someone that has goals and ambitions in life. The number one turn off for me is laziness. Intelligence is the next most important quality i look for. Im by no means saying that you must be a rocket scientist but i cant handle have ZERO common sense lol. The woman that i want should not be afraid of the outdoors. I do enjoy camping out at Ginnie Springs as well as the beaches here in jax so she should be ok with doing some outdoor activities. If you have any questions or would like to learn more let me know :) What I’m doing with
36 Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 36



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